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Ha llegado por sorpresa, pero aquí esta, un nuevo interface DIVIDE para ZX Spectrum, más pequeño, vertical, y con el slot para tarjetas Compact Flash integrado.

Ya esta a la venta por poco menos que 60€ en :

Enlace directo al producto:

Información técnica :

  •  divIDE uses full 16 bits of ATA bus (1)
  •  divIDE works on all ZX Spectrum flavours (16, 48, 48+, 128, +2, +2A, +3 and clones)
  •  Thanks to divIDE's onboard logic, theoretical transfer speed is 218 KB/sec (determined by the latency of INI/OUTI instructions)
  •  divIDE has 8 KB of shadow flash ROM that hosts operating system core, leaving your original ZX Spectrum ROM intact. Additional 32 KB of RAM accessible as 8 KB memory banks are present.
  • divIDE's auto-mapping feature transparently maps shadow ROM at important entry points, enabling standard tape emulation, BASIC extensions, NMI menu and DISCiPLE/+D or BetaDisk emulation.
  • divIDE's MAPRAM feature helps developers and users to test new software without the need of reflashing their working system in shadow ROM. It can also emulate another 8 KB of ROM if necessary.
  • divIDE works with all ATA-compatible devices (there are no known compatibility issues)
  •  Available software supports widely used emulator formats (TAP, SNA, Z80, SCR). Just download your all-time favourite games from the web and play

Un vídeo del funcionamiento:


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